Conceived by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer and Piero Golia the NAE shape was created by the arbitrary intersection of a circle and a rectangle. Rigid in form but adaptable in function, the NAE shape floats through humanity’s architectures… solidifying here and there – becoming a cookie cutter or fruit bowl, a love seat or swimming pool.

Available for consultation Maurio Altieri’s archive, from the origins of Carpe Diem to the final synthesis of his work. In order to access the archive please contact us explaining the nature of your interest.

In order to impact the progress of civilization’s creative development, the NAE grant supports and produces innovative research and debate. Our aim is to foster social development that reaches beyond the boundaries of traditional client funding.

Originally conceived by Marc-Olivier Wahler as a new format for a nomadic museum, the Chalet made its debut in Los Angeles in the fall of 2012 hosted by visionary artist and impresario Piero Golia and designed by celebrated architect Edwin Chan.

HWYLTRB was a popular campaign started in 2010 to attract attention on the lack of a football team in Los Angeles.  The campaign ended on January 13th 2016 with the announcement of the Rams coming to Los Angeles.

NAE manifesto was written by Lesley Moon on May 20th, 2010. Here the original silkscreened edition.