In order to impact the progress of civilization’s creative development, the NAE grant supports and produces innovative research and debate. Our aim is to foster social development that reaches beyond the boundaries of traditional client funding.

NAE only supports individuals and does not make grants to institutions or organizations.

The form and amounts of grants may vary with respect to the grantees needs and the purpose and scope of their projects.

Selected applicants will be notified of the results after confirmation of the appointment.

Because of the confidential nature of our application process, we cannot comment on candidacies that have been denied, offer suggestions or advice to candidates, or amplify the results of the competitions. NAE will not respond to telephone, email, or postal inquiries about application results,nor provide any information on its deliberations or judgments.

To apply submit your proposal with supporting documents in PDF format. We ask that the file not exceed 10MB.

On behalf of New Atlantis Enterprises, we would like to thank you very much for applying.